oh hello there!

My name is April. I'm a wild-haired, free-spirited natural light photographer who specializes in capturing lovers of the wild and purveyors of artful emotion. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with my soulmate/husband Ian, and our pup Max.  All together, we have created a crazy, fun filled home with lots of music, dancing, and dog hair (seriously, it's everywhere). We love traveling above all else, and find ourselves bouncing between our Texas home and the great expanse of the Pacific Northwest all too often. I create playlists for everything, will get down to pretty much any kind of music, and live to sing as loud as I can. I am obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter and the mythical creature that is JK Rowling. And if there is anything you should know about me, it is that I believe strongly in the power of stories and their ability to shape us and how we perceive the world.

My photography journey has been one of self-empowerment and enlightenment. I have found that which truly sparks the fire of my soul, something that keeps me both inspired and in awe of the power of love. A photograph is how we freeze time. It's how we take this one moment and grasp it forever in our fingers. I love authentic, unique, fiercely individual couples who wear their personalities like a badge of honor. What better way is there to celebrate humanity? You're right...there is none. Do you ever find yourself saying "Hey, remember that crazy time when...?" Well, I want to BE THERE. I want to capture that crazy time so that you and your loved one can see it fifty years from now and smile at the amazing adventures you both shared.


If you read through all of that and are thinking "HECK YEAH," then we were definitely meant to be. I am always ready for a new adventure with new friends, so click the link below, give me a shout, and let's get the ball rolling. Don't forget, I am here for YOU and will be there for you every step of the way. I can't wait to get started!